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I had always dreamed of having my own clothes shop. Ever since as a small child I went to work with my grandma in her clothes shop in New Moston. I suspect I didn’t help much, but I did love eating cream cakes with her in the back room when there were no customers in the shop!


In those days ladies would come in and ask for say a white jumper in their size and my grandma would get three white jumpers out of a drawer in a big glass counter, lay all three out on the top and the customer would choose one to purchase. Can you imagine shopping like that now!


She would let me help her sell boxes of embroidered handkerchiefs to her customers and I would copy her lead and lay the different designs out in their boxes on the counter for them to choose their favourite. Sometimes I would help her do a stock count and this would help her know what she needed to buy for the next week.


I think Lucy Cobb was always going to happen from then. It took me 20 years of working in Human Resources within the Financial Services industry before I took the plunge into retail and established my dream clothes shop. Once, I was taking part in a leadership coaching course to determine my next career move and instead of describing a HR promotion, I drew my dream shop in so much detail that the tutor suggested it was time to pack in HR and set it up! I have kept that drawing and it makes me smile to see how close it is to what we have now.


In order to create the kind of boutique I wanted to visit myself- where I was left alone to browse if I wanted but if I needed advice I could ask someone knowledgeable- I decided to train as a style consultant taking myself off to London for weeks to qualify in style and colour with First Impressions. This gave me the confidence to know why certain styles, fabrics, patterns, lengths and colours either work or don’t work for us. It was invaluable to my buying skills and it enables me to know why an item, even though we may love it, doesn’t love us when we put it on.


Leigh, our highly creative boutique manager, joined shortly after we opened ten years ago. Leigh and the team will always help to find you fabulous clothes and jewellery at affordable prices, giving honest advice to ensure you get the best value for money and the items that are just right for you.

Over the years, thanks to our many loyal customers, we have grown to become a destination shop, way beyond my expectations.