February So Far

19th February 2018 by Lucy Cobb

February so far at Lucy Cobb......

It’s been good to have a weekend off buying this weekend. Leigh and I have searched high and low for LC collections over the last few weeks.
A brand often show us over 200 pieces and we choose a very small number to buy. We have bought many times in London showrooms alongside big department store buyers who buy huge collections. What we do is pre-select the best pieces for you... so coming to Lucy Cobb takes the strain out of walking around for hours looking! It’s why so many times ladies have told us they’ve been all day at the Trafford Centre looking and called in LC on their way home and got fixed up! We love hearing that ❤️ We view collections, we try on every item and it doesn’t come into store unless one of us in the LC team would love wearing it and to suit our different body shapes, colouring, styles and heights.

We are expecting lots of the items that we posted on Facebook over the last couple of weeks to come into store later this week so watch this space! We always put away the requested items before they go out and we will be in touch with everyone when they arrive. We can’t hold for long as our new system can’t get its head around doing that at the moment! Please let us know if you want to see more of anything and we will keep our beady eyes out.

We’ve had a busy few weeks...we’ve introduced a new e-commerce and Epos system that is being bedded in...Leigh has expertly led a team that are inputting new stock into the system so you can see so many more things online now. It’s all coming together. And we will continue doing this all season to make your buying experience online so much quicker and easier. The fabulous team in the store have been like swans knowing the stress that’s going on behind the scenes! Web orders are coming though thick and fast and we get excited at the end of every day when we see the parcels going off as it means all the hard work is paying off.

We’ve also been re-decorating the ground floor and making changes to the store. Maybe not my best idea to do it all at the same time!
We are so so grateful for your support and absolute loveliness when you ring us or message us. We can’t thank you enough. It totally keeps us going👌❤️.

I would also like to personally thank all my wonderful team
You are absolute stars, thank you all ❤️ 

Love Lucy xx

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