The Beast from The East

3rd April 2018 by Lucy Cobb

March was a strange old month...we had the Beast from the East to contend with and were forced to close the store for a few days. But we did manage to walk in most days and pack up our web orders and get those sent out to all our customers across the UK and beyond. 

Robell Fleece lined Trousers and pastel faux fur Tilly coats were our best sellers in March. Our Tilly coat competition on Facebook reached over 100k people which was a brilliant result! 

Then just when we had started to think about swapping boots for pumps...we then had the mini beast from the East to deal with and we were snowed in again! Hopefully the bad weather is now all behind us and we can look forward to some lovely spring weather in Uppermill at last. 

March has kept us busy with lots of deliveries, merchandising the store and finalising the buying for AW18. The reaction to our seasonal Robell's has been fantastic and we have already sold out of and re-ordered many of the styles. We have to be really quick when it comes to re-ordering these trousers as they sell out quickly and then we can’t repeat them for long. We don’t like disappointed customers so have to predict correctly what you will want to be wearing this spring summer.  

The website was in month two and has gone from strength to strength. It has meant a different process for us inputting all our items onto the system as they arrive but it makes life easier when we re-order and for stock control purposes. Web sales have been fantastic and we are thrilled with how it is going so far. 

Thank you to all our customers, near and far for all your support. We are so lucky to have such loyal customers and we really appreciate your custom. 

April is the start of our fashion show season so we look forward to touching base then with details of our shows 

Lucy x

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