Spring Summer 2019 Robell Trousers

15th February 2019 by Lucy Cobb

These amazing print Robell trousers are in Rose 09 and Nena 09 styles! They are high rise, super comfy, very slim leg, and a super stretch whilst still giving a great support type of fabric.

If you (like me in the past) dread buying trousers because they either fit you on the waist and are too tight across the hips or they have side pockets on them that gape open and pull in all the wrong places, or the back of the waist dips down because you have a hollow back, or you need to wear a belt with most trousers and they don’t have belt loops...then Robell, pull up, no zip, super comfortable and forgiving trousers are for you! 

I love the Rose fit. I go up one or even two sizes in the plain bengaline fabric because I carry my weight on my legs not my stomach. If you tend to put weight on your stomach and have slim legs then stay with your usual size in a Rose...they were made for you ladies.

In the seasonal patterns...all the fabrics are of different compositions and you need to try them to get the perfect fit. Yesterday I did some trying on and was a 12 in the Nena 09 (royal and white leopard print) and the Rose 09 (orange and royal print). The Rose 09 in the navy and white small abstract print with the silver thread was more snug and I would probably have 14 in that one.

I’m 5’7 and I love the narrow leg of the Rose and Nena. I love an ankle length (09). It suits my overall look and figure and makes me look slimmer than I am by stopping at the narrowest part of my leg (optical illusion!)...don’t forget the eye is drawn to the lightest of brightest part of you and that can sometimes be your skin at your ankle!

If you want any help with fit, please ask one of our lovely Robell specialists in store...they can advise you based on your shape, style and colouring over a cup of tea or glass of Prosecco! Please ring and arrange a fitting during the week, or just call in during the week...you won’t ever struggle buying trousers again!

Lucy x

Robell Printed Trousers
Robell Printed Trousers
Robell Printed Trousers
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