Robell Styling Days

4th March 2019 by Lucy Cobb Uppermill

I spent this afternoon trying on new Robell printed trousers! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it ....

Seriously, I do it each season as the new prints and styles come into understand how they fit in comparison to the usual bengaline fabric we all know and love!! 

I was hogging a changing room and whilst I was there I was helping ladies with Robell fittings (ladies who have been coming into Lucy Cobb since we opened will know that is what I started out doing back in 2006 when I had more time and what I love most about my job!) and today I realised how much I missed styling and showing ladies how a small change can make a big difference to their look. 

So would it help if I did some ‘Robell Styling Days’ where I will be available to help you with colours, prints, fabrics, styles, lengths etc to suit your body shape. We can send some dates out in the next few days if it’s something you’d like. Let us know! 

In the meantime the prints and plain bright colours have started to arrive and just so you know the PRINTS are not always available to re- order...we have already been told they are out of stock on some new prints this season and we are in February!! Although it’s been more like May! 

Ask one of our stylists in store for their advice on fit on Robells in the meantime...we share all info on fit and they will be able to help you get the perfect pair in store or to buy online. 


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