Pantone colour of the year 2019 "Living Coral"

6th March 2019 by Janet Harrison

With dark mornings and evenings and cold temperatures soaring, it’s not rocket science that some of us can feel a little low in mood on the run up to Spring. It got us thinking about colour and how the colours that we choose reflect how we feel, not only that, but the colours we choose can actually change the way we feel. Colours can be used to make your brain work faster, improve your mood, relax or energise you or even stimulate appetite.

As a result, we are going to focus on the pantone colour for 2019 which is "Living Coral" as you'll be seeing lots of this in the shop this season! If warm tones are not for you then keep it away from your face and introduce it within a pattern or means of a handbag, bracelet, belt or even in shoe form. There are less cool colours than warm this season – with all those yellow tones remaining popular and the olive and asparagus greens too. 

The cool selection is smaller than the warms, though it makes my me happy to see some of my favourite pinks and blues!

In psychological terms, a combination of red and orange, coral is associated with positive feelings of security, warmth, physical comfort, fun, sensuality, abundance and passion. In other words, it's a sure fired way to eradicate your Winter blues.

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