My Perfect Trousers

13th March 2019 by Babs Cunningham

I love clothes, I love fashionable clothes, but to be perfectly honest, fashionable clothes, don’t love me. It could be something to do with my 5’ height, or my 13 stone weight, or my 70 years, or even my purple hair. I had abandoned all hope of ever finding a pair of trousers that fitted well, didn’t strangle me, or permit the cellulite on my legs to show through, and most important, a style that didn’t only fit a size 8.

But I did find a pair, on a visit to the north with friends, we were from Essex, to Saddleworth, where we discovered a beautiful village called, Uppermill. And there in Uppermill was Lucy Cobb Fashion Boutique. In this Pandora’s box of glorious fashion, and accessories, and assisted by Janet, who did all the leg work, and produced several pairs of Robell trousers, Modell BELLA 09.  My heart sank and is if she could read my mind, Janet said, ‘try them on’.

There was a profusion of amazing colours, but I selected a smart pair of navy blue, and to my complete amazement, they stretched to my shape and fitted as if made for me!!!!!  And comfortable, so comfortable, whatever pose I adopted.

The Bella 09 trousers have a wide sewn down turn up.  This seems to add weight to the trouser legs to prevent them riding up, handy if you, like me, have ‘athletic’ calf muscles, or, as I was once told, a pair of legs any man would be proud of!!! 

By Babs Cunningham

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