Robell Trouser Styling Event

29th March 2019 by Babs Spence

I have a pair of trousers I love, and I didn’t think that would ever happen. Mostly because I’m 5’ and I’ve had a lifetime of spending laborious hours turning trousers up and losing the shape as I lost the length, and at times, losing the will to live.  But now I have a pair of Robell trousers, beautifully tailored in navy blue, and made from a non creasing bengaline stretch fabric, that eases over every curve, making them comfortable enough to wear all day long!

This weekend, in Lucy Cobb, ladies fashion boutique, in Uppermill, Saddleworth, you can be expertly fitted by trouser specialists and style consultants, Lucy and Janet, with your own Robell trousers. They will help you select, the best fit, fabric and style, and you can choose from a plethora of colours what will suit not only your skin type, and even your hair colour but also your personality. 

If you love trousers, even if you already have a few pairs of Robell, this is an event not to be missed ... you can learn what suits you best and feel confident with your appearance, every time you wear your Robell trousers!! 

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