Robell Marie Petite Trousers

27th July 2019 by Babs Spence

Robell brought us the most beautiful, well tailored trousers.   They are a specialist German Trouser house, and personally, Robell have given me back a fashion I love and have always struggled with.... trousers.

Standing at 5” I have found well fitting trousers impossible to buy. I would lose the shape in the legs, having to turn them up, and taking in the waist, with a needle, thread and thimble, yes I’m that old (70) was painful. When I was a young fashion conscious girl, women could only buy men’s jeans, I could have made another pair with the amount I cut off, and although I could buy well fitted hips, the waist was always at least 4” to big and the length too long!! So it was necessary to buy belts, and lots of them.

Robell have done away with all that angst, and have produced beautifully tailored trousers and jeans, especially created for the shorter woman.


Robell have already introduced us to Bella 09, my first and well loved Robell’s, Marie K short length, and now Robell have given us the amazing, Robell Marie Full Length Petite. Robell Marie full length petite, are a classic straight leg design with a 29" inside leg measurement. Like all Robell’s, Marie petite trousers have a seam  running down the back of the leg and a small vent detail at the bottom outside hem as well as a smooth elasticised waistband, thank you Robell. You can simply slide into your Robell’s, no zips or buttons, in fact, the design and use of fabric, make Robell trousers, perfect whatever your height and size.

These Robell Marie petite trousers are 72% viscose, 4% elastine, and 24% polyamide.  Together they create an incredible, wear all day, comfort, with stretch. They take a 30º wash; hang to dry and only iron when and if required, what more could you want.

Robell Marie petite trousers come in, white, sand, black, silver and light blue and a tip that made my day ... due to the generous fit of the Marie petite trousers, it is recommended, you try a size smaller than your normal trouser size, well it's true and it made my day!!


Babs Spence 

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